Southampton BIA Board Meeting Minutes ~ December 2015

Prepared by Mary Lou Hills
Tuesday December 15, 2015
Present: Melanie Myers, Don Hart, Bruce Martin, Sue Palethorpe, Don Matheson, Mary Lou Hills
Regrets: Susan Dollar
Meeting called to order at 6:40pm
Pecuniary Interest was declared by Melanie Myers regarding bench discussion.
Adopted Minutes of November 17, 2015, motion from Don Hart, second, Mary Lou
Business arising out of above minutes:
1. Scott Saunders looked at the old concrete planters at the work yard and advised we will be able to use them in some way next year, perhaps with new cladding.
2. Somehow we have not paid for the hanging baskets and an invoice was given to Bruce tonight from Keith Day to have this cleared up.
3. Mary Lou submitted invoices for office furnishings to treasurer Bruce for reimbursement.
4.There was an action created from the last minutes to move forward with a request for the town to purchase benches (their design) as they did for Port Elgin. Mary Lou to set this up.
Treasurer Report: Bruce Martin
This report was in the form of a draft budget for further discussion and suggestion by the board of directors.
The 2016 budget submission was discussed and a draft budget was developed.
A spread sheet is expected to be part of the draft budget presentation to council.
A motion to except was made by Melanie and second by Don Hart.
Note that as I do not have this draft, could Bruce please submit the draft to our secretary Susan Dollar to go in her minute book.
Streetscape; Mary Lou Hills
The board is 100 percent in favour of working with the Southampton 150th committee towards a town hall square. Melanie will be in touch with Duncan on this matter and will secure a response. It was discussed that a committee be struck for this initiative including representation from the town, the 150th committee, the heritage committee and the SBIA.
Sue Palethorpe was thanked by the board for all of her work on social media. The contract staff person will be very important in this role moving forward. There was some good feedback from some of the businesses with the results of morning madness and sparkles night leading up to Christmas.
Promotion discussion included hopeful additional business involvement with the Huron Shore Run in June and perhaps a Welcome Back weekend in May. Don Matheson filled us in on Shindig and what it will look like in 2016.
Event banners were further discussed and that Southampton’s headline events needed to be secured so these banners could be developed. There was discussion that the Christmas wreaths be extended down to Huron Street for the 2016 season.
EDAC: Melanie Myers
The EDAC has indicated there are funds to revise the draft streetscape plan and that additional public connection will be part of this. As this will have a direct impact on Southampton business, it was decided the board should meet with Larry to start the ball rolling. Mel to set this up for January 2016.
The annual general meeting will be further discussed at the January meeting.
There will be a group assigned to this task. Possibly date to be April 19th, 2015.
Linda White will be asked if this later timeline for an AGM date works within the OBIA regulations.
Other Business:
It has been decided that no further communication is required regarding the Rail Trail Silver Jubilee Project response. We had declined financial support.
Cheryl Grace suggested perhaps our Blue Benches could be used as Trolley stops! The board likes this idea.
The size of the board was discussed, currently 7. An additional 3 people would be very beneficial as the amount of meetings is increasing for all members.
Increasing the board size at the AGM may be a possibility. Linda White will be asked if this can be facilitated. The board is to think about others that may be interested with ideas for the January meeting.
The SBIA has been asked by Don Matheson to sit on the committee for the Canada 150th Celebration.
Don Hart has offered to be a committee member.
The next meeting of the Canada 150th is January 13th 2016.
Meeting adjourned ….motion by Don Hart, second Sue P.
Next meeting of SBIA Tuesday January 19, 2016