Southampton BIA Board Meeting Minutes – April 2019

Board Meeting: 15 April 2019, Southampton BIA Office.

John Willetts, President of the Southampton Legion made a presentation to the Board including; an overview of the Southampton Legion, a request for $2,500 in funds to offset the costs incurred by the 2018 Remembrance Day ceremonies, and future cenotaph improvements including a mock up design. The Legion will be looking for partnerships once they are ready to move forward with Cenotaph construction. There is currently no Cenotaph budget.


Dave Rudell, Justin Niklaus, Bruce Martin, Paul Schendel, Chris Robinson, John Rich, Heather Hyde. Phone in: Carolyn Grainger-Wilson.


The meeting was called to order at 11:26 a.m.


– Southampton Legion Ask.

– Gran Fondo Survey Results.


None declared.


That the minutes of the March 18, 2019 meeting, there being no errors, omissions or corrections, be adopted.  

Moved by:                John
Seconded by:           Chris
All in favour


Approved Board Meeting Minutes will be circulated to members via a monthly e-newsletter.

Dave spoke to Bruce’s previous request for the Chamber of Commerce’s tourism budget. Current budget is $158,000 from the Town of Saugeen Shores. Chamber has requested an additional $15,000; and removed their $30,000 contribution to Pumpkinfest.

Dave encouraged Board members to attend the May 1st Community Economic Development Workshop in Southampton. Dave, Carolyn and Heather currently registered.

Heather to circulate the RTO7 grant information for special events, tourism, and experiences to the Board.

Postponed: The April 25th RT07 Session in Collingwood. Chris and Paul planned to attend.

Dave recommended we look for partnerships to implement Wi-Fi kiosks on High Street. Possible partners include: 150th Legacy Committee, The Chamber of Commerce, The Town of Saugeen Shores, Bruce Power, and Eastlink.


Bruce presented the treasurer’s report.

Motion that the April 15, 2019 treasurer’s report be adopted.

Moved by:                Bruce
Seconded by:           John
All in favour


The first meeting will take place on Friday, April 19, 2019 at 9:00 a.m. in the BIA office.

Committee Members: Bruce, Paul, Elspeth, Jenny, Melanie, Joscelyne, Dave, Heather.


Justin gave an overview of the April 3rd, 2019 Accessibility Committee meeting.

The Town hopes to be ahead of the imposed compliance dates. Looking to install adult changing stations in both Southampton and Port Elgin. Locations TBD.

Dave suggested including a paragraph on Accessibility in the member e-newsletters.

Next Accessibility meeting date is Wednesday, May 1, 2019


Promo committee currently working on Noodle Night, Run to Southampton, Music on High and Ladies at the Lake events.

Dave mentioned the Eat_Alley event hosted by the Southampton Olive Oil Company, 173 High St. and Ann-Marie Todd Mowat taking place Sunday, June 2nd with proceeds going to the Hospital.

The April 15th Promo Committee Meeting Minutes will be available for review at the May 20th Board Meeting


Approval given to Heather to purchase the 6 planters, 4 bike racks, 3 bike corrals and 4 bike repair stations sourced for the Bruce Power Community Investment Fund Grant in 2018.

The BIA tent, roll up banner and table runner will be purchased separately.

Bruce Power’s Chris Mercanti confirmed that any remaining funds from the grant may be used at the discretion of the Board.

Streetscape Design Options: Pros & Cons:

Option #1: Request a 2-phase proposal from JMA with key deliverables outlined for each phase. Delegation and request to council to release $10,000 from BIA surplus funds for phase 1 & 2.

Pro: A 2nd Quote not required as per the Town Procurement Policy as each phase under $5,000. Would be the quickest option. If successful, it’s the best option to deliver a BIA plan to Council this year.

Con: Taking a risk by requesting surplus funds and presenting a 2-phase approach to Council. Not adequate time to properly inform and discuss with the BIA Membership. Takes advantage of the loop holes in the Procurement Policy by avoiding the required 2nd quote at the $10,000 threshold.

Option #2: Delegation and request to council to release $10,000 from BIA surplus funds to hire JMA for BIA Streetscape drawings. (second quote yes or no?)

Pro: If a 2nd quote is secured, it is closer to the Procurement Policy we follow and would yield a better chance of receiving Council’s approval. Without a 2nd quote it will be the same chance as option #1. Could see improvements added to the 2020 Town Budget if delegation is successful. A 2nd quote may bring a better plan forward. Will take time to source a 2nd quote but a presentation to Council could still happen before the Town’s 2020 budget deadline.

Con: To follow the Town Procurement Policy we would require a 2nd quote. Plan may not be ready for Town’s 2020 budget which would likely put off streetscape improvements until 2021.

Option #3: Add $10,000 to the 2020 budget for Streetscape drawings. Present to the membership at the November AGM. Source a 2nd quote. Delegation to council to present the chosen firm for the project.

Pro: Follows the Town’s Procurement Policy. Is the most likely option to be supported by Council. Allows time to notify, poll and involve the BIA membership. Allows comparison on deliverables between the 2 sourced quotes.

Con: Earliest start date for Streetscape improvements would be 2021.

Bruce will discuss the 3 options with the Streetscape committee on May 6th. The committee will present their recommendation to the Board at the May 20th Meeting.

Chris recommended we inform the membership via email of the Board’s intention to hire a firm to prepare Streetscape drawings. Streetscape to provide this communication for circulation to the membership.

Paul Schendel will be the contact person for Frank Burrows at the Town for all downtown related issues including, street furniture, maintenance, garbage collection, etc. Heather to make sure this information is circulated to the membership and sent to Mary Lou and Frank.

Dave spoke to the tax rebate letter. The County of Bruce has not removed the rebate policy; therefore, the Town of Saugeen Shores is unable to make policy changes at the municipal level. Dave will circulate the email received from the Town. John will follow-up for more details.


Heather and Dave are working on defining the roles for the Streetscape and Promo Committees based on the BIA handbook. The Committee roles will be shared with each committee Chair for review before adopting at Board level.

The Electronic Participation Policy was reviewed by the Board.

Motion that the 2019 Electronic Participation Policy be adopted by the BIA Board for use in all BIA meetings.

Moved by:                John
Seconded by:           Justin
All in favour.


Heather circulated the Associate Membership Report to the Board. The report will be added to the May Board meeting agenda for discussion


Heather will circulate the Gran Fondo Survey results provided by Tracey Murray to the Board.

Bruce noted that Gran Fondo received approval to close High Street from Victoria to the Flag on Saturday, August 18th.

In reference to the Southampton Legion’s Ask of a $2,500 donation; the Board noted that The BIA does not make donations from BIA member funds to any organization or community group. However; The BIA can assist in circulating information to the BIA membership on behalf of groups looking to raise funds.

Heather will draft a letter to the Southampton Legion outlining the BIA Board’s policy.

The BIA Board is interested in continued dialogue surrounding Cenotaph improvements and will support the Southampton Legion where possible and appropriate.


The next BIA Board meeting is Monday, May 20th, 2019 at 9:00 a.m. in the BIA office.


Moved by:                Justin
Seconded by:           Paul

The meeting was adjourned at 12:50 p.m.