The Paint the Town Purple Campaign is Underway in Saugeen Shores

Purple bows are available downtown Port Elgin at Keepsakes and Memories. Read below for more information from Liv-A-Little Foundation President, Erin Little.

For those of you who don’t know me I’m Erin Little, President of Liv-A-Little Foundation and most importantly the proud mother to Olivia Little. Olivia has a rare disease called cystinosis and in 2013 we began our fundraising journey to help find a cure and raise awareness for cystinosis you can read more about it at www.livalittlefoundation. com In 2014 we decided to get the town involved to put on an awareness campaign called Paint the Town Purple. We have chosen purple because it’s Olivia’s favorite color, diseases like cystinosis don’t have a colour associated with it. In our first year we had 14 Port Elgin businesses decorate their windows using creative window displays and then last year the town made a splash of purple throughout Saugeen Shores. This year we are hoping to get everyone on board and spread the purple. 

Our Paint the Town Purple Campaign runs from July 17-August 6 and coincides with the fundraiser that Scott Rowland and Kathy Heywood do at our local Independent which encourages shoppers to add a donation onto their grocery bill, last year Scott and Kathy ran this campaign for two weeks and met their goal of raising $10,000. All of this money raised goes directly to research, no hotels, big CEO salaries or corporate cost. 

The PTTP Campaign is NOT necessarily a fundraiser and I’m contacting each of you to ask for your support in getting the word out in your community. Last year Chris Swain at Keepsakes and Memories made purple bows for residents to purchase and she decided to make these and donate all proceeds to us at the end, she made over 500 bows. Chris is willing to do this for us again this year. People don’t have to use her purple bows but it gives people an option to buy some purple. 

If you are willing to help and get the word out we would really appreciate your help and support. If you could get back to me at your earliest convince that would be great. I would also like to set up a brief time to meet get a picture with everyone, chat a bit more and hopefully each of you can get some press out of it as well with our local media. Please let me know if you are interested in helping with our campaign. Unless you’re making bows J this shouldn’t really tie up a lot of time. 

Warmest Regards, 

Erin and Chad Little 

Liv-A-Little Foundation